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January 2019

Term of the day
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Breadcrumb navigation is a tool used in Web searches that allows users to retrace their steps, or go back to a point in time that relates to their original search.

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shadow banning purple
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The practice of shadow banning involves an administrator or system operator hiding posts from a particular user in order to minimize their effect..

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smart campaign

Google is notifying advertisers that AdWords Express has joined the Google Ads platform. AdWords Express campaigns are now available in Google Ads as ‘Smart’ campaigns. Previously, AdWords Express was a standalone solution, designed to be a lower maintenance option for small businesses. Now, Smart campaigns still have all the same benefits as

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BloggingHow to(s)

For most bloggers, January is the month where traffic starts to nose dive, which is why you have to capitalize on the awesome Black Friday sales headed your way. Why stockpile on clothes and tech devices when you can invest in your blog by purchasing a web hosting plan for your site.

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