It is a fact that fewer people read your blog post content as compared to the people who read the headline of your blog. If you don’t have a lot of traffic coming in, the headlines of your blog posts might be the reason. The people who visit your blog will move ahead to read the content only and only if they find the headline interesting and useful. This means that you need to work on your headlines and brainstorm the most impressive headlines for getting more people to read your blog posts.

A good headline creates a positive impact on the click-through rates and it also helps in establishing the subject of the article. An effective title can have a huge impact on the way in which the audience perceives the article and your blog.

What makes a great headline? 

That depends on who you’re writing to, and where they’re reading it.

As a marketing consultant, my job is to help companies grow. The content I help them create must accomplish two things:

  • They must appeal to their target personas.
  • They must promise to provide value to their target personas.

When you think about the greatest headlines, you will notice that they are the creative ones! For instance have a look at this title – ‘5 Great Traits Of Successful People’ and then have a look at this one – ‘Do You Have Any Of This 5 Great Traits Of Highly Successful People?’ Which one is more interesting? The second one right? So you need to be extremely creative and you need to think differently when it comes to giving a headline to your article or blog post.

Keep in mind that the best headlines are the ones that capture and address the pain points of your target audience. Your audience should perceive your headline as a topic that will make life easier for them. Your headline has to be compelling to make a difference!

Here are some great headline types that you can utilize:

#1 The ‘Best’ Headlines

These headlines are extremely powerful when it comes to SEO. These headlines directly communicate with the common web searches performed by your audience. For instance if you want to invest money, wouldn’t you be interested in a headline that says – ‘The Best Ways To Invest Money’, of course you will be! When you use the word ‘best’ it signifies that you are presenting content that is not the usual but the best that will help the audience. For instance – Secure Your WordPress Website With 7 Best WordPress Security Plugins.

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#2 The ‘Make My Life Easier’ Headlines

This is the little sister to the ‘Best’ headlines. If your customers are facing problems, they don’t always want to know the best way to do something. Sometimes, they want to know the easiest way. 

#3 The ‘If I Were You’ Headlines

Most of us share a desire to improve. We want to be more productive and more successful. We all would love to accomplish more in less time. And, we all want to be good at what we do. It’s those desires that make the, “If I were you…” headlines so powerful.

When someone tells us how we should do something, we balk. When someone offers to show us why we should do something, it appeals to us. It speaks to the reasons and motivations we should adopt a new idea, or change our current ones.

#4 The ‘Fast’ Headline

The fast headlines also work great when it comes to catching the attention of the people. At times apart from the best and the easiest, people are also looking for the ‘fast’ ways to do something or to achieve something. The positive side of the ‘fast’ headlines is that it promises to get the task done quickly. For instance – “How To Quickly Index Your WordPress Website In Google.

#5 The ‘Why’ Headline

Most of us have a desire to do better in life and to improvise on every aspect. We wish to be more successful, more productive and to achieve more in a short span of time. And while having all these emotions, we also want to be good at what we do. The ‘Why you should do something’ headlines create a huge impact on such audience.

Instead of telling people how they should do something, you can show them why they should do it. Articles with these headlines provide reasons and motivation to the people to adopt a new idea or to change some existing ones. For instance : Why Should You Register Multiple Domain Name Extensions?, Why Affiliate Marketers Get Only Clicks But No Conversions?.

The ‘why’ factor in these headlines makes people think about how they can improvise. When people come across an article with this headline they know that the article presents them with reasons why there is a failure and solutions that can be implemented.


You need to decide which of these headline types will work best for you on the basis of the audience of your blog. You can keep using all the types of headlines mentioned above to know which ones get you the maximum clicks. The main motive behind creating a catchy headline is to get the reader interested so that he/she wants to read the article further. If you have been using the standard and boring headlines, start experimenting with the ones mentioned in this article soon!

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