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How Web Servers Works

Have you ever wondered about the mechanisms that delivered this page to you? Chances are you are sitting at a computer right now, viewing this page in a browser. So, when you clicked on the link for this page, or typed in its URL (uniform resource locator), what happened behind the scenes to bring this page onto your screen?

We need to understand what “The Internet” is

The Internet is a large collection of millions of computers or devices, all connected together on a network. The network allows all of the computers to communicate with one another. Each and every computer connected together on a network communicates to one another through IP Addresses.

IP Addresses are unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. (Google Definition).

Generally, all of the machines on the Internet can be categorized as two types: servers and clients. A server is a machine that waits for incoming requests and process the request to give you the result information while a client is a program, or machine, that sends requests to servers. So In simplest form, a server is a connection point for several clients that will handle their requests. A good example of a client is your browser. A computer user opens a browser to access an information on the internet. For example, www.google.com. The browser (Client) then searches the web to access all the information (videos, pictures and other information about google.com) that has been stored on google’s web server, locates the server, accesses the requested files and display all the information the user has requested.

Computers communicates with other computers on the network through an IP address. In other words, google.com is hosted on a webserver containing all the files of google.com. google.com is then translated to an IP address which is used to communicate to your computer’s browser to view all the information requested by the user. Here, two IP addresses (Server’s IP and Client’s IP Addresses) communicating to each other on a computer network.

As far as the Internet’s machines are concerned, an IP address is all you need to talk to a server. For example, in your browser, you can type the URL and arrive at the machine that contains the Web server for Google. The process of locating and translating domain names to IP addresses for human readable form is called Domain Name System. DNS. In our corresponding articles we will be discussing about Domain Name System.

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